IJ-8 The Eight Conference on Innovation Journalism is a venue for researchers from many disciplines and institutions to present work and ideas relating to the interplay of journalism, communication and innovation ecosystems.

IJ-8 is a meeting place for researchers and journalism/communication professionals to discuss the best ways of covering innovation in the news, or communicating innovation, the business of doing that work, and how innovation journalism and communication interacts with each other and with society.

The conference welcomes a varied set of participants: Working journalists, policy-makers in innovation, academic researchers, faculty and research students in related areas of commerce, communication and journalism, and other professionals connected to the media industry.

We are proud to present eight papers that have been selected trough international double blind peer review of full papers. The acceptance rate was 73 percent.

Attend the meeting and hear the research that will be published in the online journal Innovation Journalism in the coming year.

Main themes of IJ-8 Academic Track:

  • The role of innovation journalism in ubiquitous society, and in the new era of internet of things.
  • The influence of the real-time web and social media in innovation communication.
  • How journalism and innovation interact in times of rapid change.
  • Towards a systems view: Public attention and attention work in innovation communication ecosystems, the stakeholders and audiences, and the interaction between these elements.

Examples of research topics of interest:

  • Professional norms, values, codes of ethics and principles of innovation journalism.
  • How newsrooms and other professional organizations affect the coverage of innovation.
  • Democracy and governance: The role of journalism in the innovation economy.
  • Who sets the agenda for innovation journalism?
  • Concept of attention work, the professional generation and brokering of attention.
  • Concept of innovation communication systems; the flow of attention in innovation systems.
  • How innovation processes and innovation ecosystems interact with public attention, with news media as an actor.
  • Interdependencies between journalism and other actors in the innovation system.
  • The roles of reputation and trust in the innovation ecosystem.
  • Business Models for innovation journalism.
  • Models of innovation and media, including firm, industry and economy-wide innovation systems.
  • Governance, accountability and innovation in and by journalists and media actors.
  • State of the art as well as theory and practice in the teaching of innovation journalism.
  • Innovation journalism and feminism.
We are looking forward to meeting you.

Photo: IJ-8Academic Program Chair: Kirsten Mogensen,
Associate Professor, Roskilde University, in front of the
Stanford Center for Innovation and Communication.